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The most awaited, Rocky Handsome Trailer is finally out and John Abraham has teased us a lot and finally unveils the theatrical trailer of Rocky Handsome. We too have shared an article on John Abraham releasing 15 seconds teasers as a countdown for the Rocky Handsome trailer. So the time is up. So guys Watch Rocky Handsome Trailer. By the end of this article, you will also be knowing Rocky Handsome review of the trailer. Do how we have rated the trailer and also get a glance at how the audience reacted on watching the Rocky Handsome Theatrical Trailer.

Watch Rocky Handsome Trailer

Watch Rocky Handsome Trailer

Rocky Handsome Trailer Review

rocky handsome trailer response

The trailer kicks off with Rehnuma song where you can see John romancing Shruti and suddenly we don’t see her anymore and a small girl is shown and the plot revolves around her. From the trailer, it is clear that small girl gets kidnapped by some bad guys and John hunts them down. We all know that Rocky Handsome is a remake of a Korean film and it also looks mostly like Jason Statham’s Transporter too. Don’t you think so? John is seen throwing up some dialogues with some low intensity, though. But the action scenes look terrifying and fresh. Definitely not for a weak heart.

Rocky Handsome Trailer Rating

rocky handsome trailer review

We would be rating Rocky Handsome Trailer 3/5 stars as it is not complete. Not only we, but also the audience feels the same too. Do see Rocky Handsome public response on watching the trailer and you will now why they wanted more from the trailer.

Rocky Handsome Audience Response| Public Reactions

rocky handsome audience response rocky handsome audience response

Since it is revealed that Rocky Handsome is a remake movie and everyone started comparing this one to that one. While Nishikant Kamat is giving out his best, the audience didn’t get his saying. So many were like teaser was amazing when compared to the trailer. While some say, we want John to throw some kickass dialogues, but we missed it. You can see it in their words too.

Hope you have got what you were looking for. Anything to add? Drop your thoughts through comments. We will also be sharing Rocky Handsome Review, once the film is out. Do come back and see the box office collection updates too.

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